About Us

BIAC Broadband Internet Alliance Corporation is a federal company which was incorporated in 1999.  It is employee owned and operated, led by 30+ year veterans of CATV, WAN and Data Center end to end engineering and operation.  Through the years our team have innovated; creating hardware and software solutions for our clients.  

Most notably is our invention of the RackLift ™ which is now produced for other data center professionals.

  • Best-in-class network solutions and project management team
  • Total end to end: hybrid fiber design, build, management
  • Focused expertise: broadband industry and B2B marketplace
  • Poised for growth: managerial and technical bench strength
  • Reputation for quality: “Engineered right on time the first time”
  • Insured, bondable, hands on talent you can depend on.

Our Projects

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