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BIAC Broadband Technical and Project Management Capabilities:
  • Rack Space Recovery, Audit, Detailed Plan, Move and Document with AutoCad/Visio.
  • Fiber Optic Network & Wireless Backhaul Audit, Design, Build and Project Management.
  • Turn up and Test of CWDM and DWDM Networks.
  • Professional Technicians with Extensive Experience in Voice, Video, Data, Security WAN or LAN Network Design.

Which of these important project services do you need?

  • OSP/ISP Network Design/Provisioning
  • Detailed Design Planning, CAD or Visio Design
  • Environmental Emissions Audit & Reduction
  • System Pole Audit and Documentation
  • Physical Infrastructure Engineering
  • Optic, Video and Ethernet Cabling
  • Asset Decommissioning and Recovery

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Hands-on Project Management

We provide comprehensive broadband and telecommunication solutions packaged with expert project delivery so that you can achieve optimal business outcomes.


Project Management

  • We will manage the bidding process for engineering, contracting, and equipment selection
  • Oversee the design and implementation of the network
  • Ensure systems are running effectively once construction is complete
  • Our seasoned project managers get the job done right and on time

Network Planning

BIAC will develop a complete broadband and telecommunications plan for your project or community.

  • Our plans provide a comprehensive business and financial analysis that will help you attract financing
  • Identify the appropriate organizational and management structure for your effort
  • Provide an array of technical solutions and last mile options, including both wireless and fiber alternatives
  • Assess vendor technical and support capabilities and negotiate competitive pricing
  • Identify ongoing network operations and support issues to provide your organization with the steps to tackle it

Space and Power Management

Adding new equipment and technology to your existing network can increase the requirements for space and power. Constructing new head-end space is costly but removing old equipment and relocating existing equipment can save you a lot of money.

  • We will survey your head-end for any equipment that can be decommissioned, relocated, or replaced with newer space and power efficient technology to create the space required to implement new projects or equipment
  • BIAC’s personnel has the expertise to ensure that all space and power clearing results in zero customer impact. Our team can provide asset disposal services and will also manage the RFP process to ensure the most qualified firms are cutting-over or replacing service affecting equipment properly and in a timely manner

Network Design

BIAC’s network design personnel are experts on accurate preliminary network design, resource requirements and detailed bill of materials

  • We provide detailed design plans to suit the needs of your network, including bill of materials and the design cost estimates for each build
  • We will also manage the RFP process for a competitive bid situation to build the network, if appropriate
  • After construction is complete and the network has been built, we will provide documentation to the Network Operations department to help support and maintain the network.
  • We are fully trained on AutoCAD, SpatialNET and can provide personnel to input into corporate owned systems.

Network Operations Management

Telecommunication networks are increasingly complex and interconnected; costs of ongoing operational and management expenditures can be significant, but they are estimable and manageable if you are prepared.

  • BIAC’s staff will prepare plans for ongoing network operations management
  • We will create job descriptions for key staff and personnel if you wish to maintain operations yourself
  • Or we can manage the competitive RFP process to identify and select firms qualified to performance ongoing maintenance and support of your network

RFI and RFP management

This approach to technology purchases creates a situation in which vendors compete for your business on a level playing field.

  • We can save your community, business, or organization very significant sums of money with RFI/RFP management
  • BIAC staff will help identify your project goals, write appropriate RFI/RFP documents, and circulate the bid proposals to qualified firms
  • Questions and inquiries from firms interested in bidding will be addressed by our staff
  • We will review submitted bids, manage the evaluation and bid award process.

The BIAC team is committed to being an industry leaders with world class project management and infrastructure services.  We have demonstrated results, unparalleled workmanship and ongoing staff training which are cornerstones of the BIAC corporate culture.  As employee owned corporation, BIAC has the experience, work ethic, and determination to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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Learn More about Racklift

RackLift uses a patented hi-ratio safety winch equipped with auto-brake to facilitate heavy equipment lifting with ease and safety.

When the desired rack height is reached the technician simply let’s go of the handle and effortlessly slides the equipment into the rack. No strain, no pain, no risk of dropped equipment.

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